Political Risk

par Condoleezza Rice & Amy B. Zegart

Political Risk - Condoleezza Rice & Amy B. Zegart

Description Political Risk

Political risk -- the chance that political action could impact a company's business -- is changing fast. Here are the essential lessons, corrective measures, and counterintuitive insights for executives, entrepreneurs and investors to navigate an uncertain, volatile world.
From New York Times bestselling author Condoleezza Rice and Stanford University professor Amy Zegart comes the definitive book to show businesses how to thrive in rapidly changing and unpredictable global markets. Companies that want a competitive edge need to manage the political risks generated by a widening array of political actors, from heads of state to local officials, from Twitter to terrorists, from activists to hackers . . . even shareholders. Based on Secretary Rice and Professor Zegart's most popular class at Stanford University, POLITICAL RISK is an invaluable study of risk management designed and scaled for multinational corporations or the next great start-up.
POLITICAL RISK combines the lessons of West Wing crisis management with business school case study methods. Drawing on Dr. Rice's experience as Secretary of State and utilizing case studies of such companies as Royal Caribbean International, Fed Ex, United Airlines, Sony Pictures and more, POLITICAL RISK provides the roadmap for businesses to thrive today.

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