A Moment In Time

par John-Marc Grob

A Moment In Time - John-Marc Grob

Description A Moment In Time

John-Marc Grob has years not just as a photographer but also as a cartoonist, graphic designer, animator ..... The love of the art flows from each picture and art he creates.

This is a book dedicated to the years of photography I took with my father. The pictures which are in here are from my latest years of traveling and family fun too.

As an artist / photographer John-Marc loves to help people. In one area he sees people struggling in is missing the "Moment of Time" they are currently in. We are so busy with our daily activities we miss so much each day. What he tell them is stop look and listen .... to what's all around us. These pictures you'll see in his book is just the tip of the iceberg of what John-Marc has to share.

"I hope you'll enjoy my pictures as much as I do."

—John-Marc Grob

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