Because You Are Mine Part V

par Beth Kery

Because You Are Mine Part V - Beth Kery

Description Because You Are Mine Part V


How much can a woman endure? How much can a man get away with? Tantalizing questions. National bestselling author Beth Kery’s Because You Are Mine dares to answer them…

Because You Are Mine, Part V
Because I Said So

An outing in Paris, a luxury car, a dangerous rain-slicked street—and Francesca eagerly takes the wheel sending her and Ian spinning deliriously out of control. The risk would frighten most women. Not Francesca. It’s arousing. A moment of le petit morte that steers her relationship with Ian into a daring new direction.

Scorched by the depths of Francesca’s fresh, generous response to him, Ian begins to question his ability to keep his distance from the vibrant beauty. She’s like fire in his blood, striking a chord in him unlike any other woman, and every time he touches her, his need for total possession only mounts…

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