My Chomsky Critique

par Steven Hager

My Chomsky Critique - Steven Hager

Description My Chomsky Critique

Noam Chomsky is both the whipping post of the radical conspiracy community and the voice of reason for the intellectual left. The conspiracy community refers to Chomsky as "a gatekeeper" and a lot of people treat him like a government shill instead of the government critic he is.
But at the same time, Noam began his career on the Lower East Side, as a die-hard Marxist, and the truth of the matter is that wherever you find Marxism in America, you'll find spooks and skull & bones. Even today after decades of studies, I still can't figure the spooks from the true believers. Like John Reed. He was a child of the American oligarchy who played a huge roll in spreading Marxism. Was he a spook? While a graduate student, I wrote my first critique of Chomsky's revolutionary theories in linguistics.

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