African Cats by Kyriakos Kaziras

par Anouk de Clayssac

African Cats by Kyriakos Kaziras - Anouk de Clayssac

Description African Cats by Kyriakos Kaziras

“African Cats is the first ebook of the 16 Shots Collection. It is a glance at the captivating professional photographs of Kyriakos Kaziras, the photographer of the instant.
Kyriakos Kaziras constantly seeks the precise moment when an emotion is felt by the wild animals he encounters. His pictorial approach to photography makes his pictures look like paintings.

In African Cats, you will have the opportunity to discover 16 of his beautiful poetic and moving shots of felines in the magnificent Kenyan sceneries, you will feel his love for the beauty of the world and for nature, as well as the ambiance of his emotional encounters with big cats.” 

Anouk de Clayssac

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