Introduction to Lean Product Development (Unabridged)

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Introduction to Lean Product Development (Unabridged)

Despite attempts to understand and apply lean product development skills, companies still thrash about with design quality problems, long lead time periods, and elevated development costs. If you wish to learn everything about lean product development from scratch, this is the book for you. Its opening chapter comprises the introduction, history, and the three dimensions of lean product development, followed by a few more chapters. In each of the chapters, different components of lean product development are discussed.

The best thing about this book is that it is easily understandable, short yet contains all the sufficient information regarding the topic. The book discusses the following topics step by step explaining each of them for the better understanding of the listener:
What is lean product development? Where did it come from? The three dimensions A discussion of the attributes of a great product The adaptation of lean principles by product development The secret behind Toyota's success Sources of waste The benefits Lean product development's contribution to manufacturing Praises
Give this book a listen and discover more about lean product development. The knowledge shared will surely help you out in improving your product and business on the whole.

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