The Liar (Unabridged)

par Steve Cavanagh

The Liar (Unabridged) - Steve Cavanagh

The Liar (Unabridged)

Once a con artist, now a hotshot lawyer, Eddie Flynn's learnt that fast talk and sleight of hand are just as important in the courtroom are they are on the street. That's why Leonard Howell asks for Eddie's help when his 19-year-old daughter goes missing - he needs someone willing to break the rules. But what if the whole thing was a setup from the very beginning? With a client on trial for his life and the body count rising, the only question is which is deadlier - a man who keeps his oath or one who breaks it?

A missing girl, a desperate father and a case that threatens to destroy everyone involved - Eddie Flynn's got his work cut out in the thrilling new novel from the author of The Defence. Read by Adam Sims.

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The Liar (Unabridged) Steve Cavanagh

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