45 Elearning Tips and Tricks (Unabridged)

par John Araiza

45 Elearning Tips and Tricks (Unabridged) - John Araiza

45 Elearning Tips and Tricks (Unabridged)

45 Elearning Tips and Tricks is a must have for anyone interested in creating elearning....

Unlike most books about elearning, this one is short and all "meat" (with no fluff or filler). There are no boring pages to struggle through; just find the tips that apply to you and use them immediately.

Here are a few of the tips and tricks you will learn when you buy this audiobook:
The secret to purchasing stock photos. You could waste hundreds of dollars by not learning this secret. The 30-30 tip. Why this can save you hours of expensive production time. How to stress out your learners by not "stressing out" your learners. There needs to be some sense of tension in your courses and I'll tell you why. The completely FREE audio editing program that works just like those that cost hundreds. It's easy to use and produces high quality voiceovers. How text-to-speech software could hurt your course. It's tempting to use but could can actually distract learners! Why it's important to capture learners attention IMMEDIATELY. If you don't you could lose them before they even get through the first few screens. The Redundancy Principle and how it applies to elearning. This important principle can make or break your course. How you can use sites like Monster and Careerbuilder to stay on top of the latest elearning technology. These sites are free tools that are updated daily with the most current technology job descriptions. And much more...
Jumpstart your elearning development immediately with these two useful audiobooks!

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45 Elearning Tips and Tricks (Unabridged John Araiza

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